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We are a team of CPAs and professional consultants who focus on keeping score, so that you can do what you do best, run your own business! We provide CFO for hire services, as well as accounting, bookkeeping, tax and other similar services for numerous small businesses. In addition, we provide tax preparation and tax planning services to individuals.

Allow us to help you expand your business beyond your wildest dreams. It all starts with putting your trust in us! We thrive from helping businesses excel in the financial and strategic aspects of entrepreneurship.

Winter 2019

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Organizational leadership is vital for a family business to successfully transition from one generation to the next. Our consultants work with owners and managers as trusted multigenerational advisers to enhance the return on investment and to facilitate the leadership transition.

Accounting & Tax

We help you keep score with our Stoudt Associates Keep Score! program. Our goal is for you focus on being the CEO of your business. We will work with your accounting and bookkeeping staff or we can be your staff. Either way works for us! Each month, or quarter, we can reconcile your bank account and generate financial statements for you. These tasks form the solid foundation of your small business accounting system. Additionally you can customize the package of services you receive by adding tax planning, tax preparation, or any of our other services.

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider - Accounting & Tax

Stoudt Associates is the only Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for tax services in the Lehigh Valley. With systems designed to work remotely and securely, Stoudt Associates is accepting new personal and business tax clients locally, nationally, and across the world. The ELP program is a nationwide service that helps consumers find trustworthy local providers and business partners across multiple industries, including: real estate, insurance, and tax services. The ELP program is part of the larger Dave Ramsey brand, which comprises services, books, and guidelines on investments, retirement, and financial planning. Participants in the program must pass a sequence of checkpoints that qualify them for endorsement by Dave Ramsey, called the Ramsey Solutions Experience. These checkpoints include completion of a seven-step learning program called the Financial Peace University which details Ramsey’s methods for managing financial assets, building wealth and investing wisely.
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We believe in entrepreneurship. We believe in education. Education transforms the lives of the student, his family and the community. Our firm is committed to strengthening our local educational communities. As such, we reinvest at least 10% of our gross revenue in local educational institutions, as well as serve on their governance boards.

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